Make your plan to vote NOW!

Request your absentee ballot BY OCTOBER 14th.

It's easy: 

1. Download the PDF.

2. Fill it out completely.*

3. Mail or return it to the Auditor's Office: 

Winneshiek County Auditor

201 W. Main St. 

Decorah 52101

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 08.28.41.png

The week of October 5th.

Iowa law states that auditors cannot mail ballots sooner than 28 days before the election. Yes, it was 40 days in 2016, and yes, the Iowa Secretary of State made an exception for the June 2nd primary in 2020. But the Iowa legislature has passed a new law that prevents him from doing that for the general election this year. 

When will I get my ballot?

Really? During a pandemic? If you insist: October 5th.

Same rules for Absentee Ballots. 

I  think I'll vote early in-person instead. When does that start?

When will I get my ballot?

But I love voting in person! 

Don't we all? But we'd all love to not be living with Covid-19. 

Please consider that you'll make things much smoother both for our campaigns, who won't have to contact nearly as many people to Get Out the Vote, *and* for the auditor's office and the many volunteers that it takes to staff the polls on election day. Nearly all of them are older people! Consider that the state legislature- again, with the new law passed this year!- bars local auditors from reducing polling places by 35% or more. That means that we have to find volunteers to work at the polling sites throughout the county. If you're dead set on voting in person on election day, consider volunteering your time as an election worker to make sure that the polls can open and run smoothly.

Due to a new law passed in 2020, county auditors must make phone or personal contact with any voter whose ABR has missing or incomplete information- they can't just fill in info from a database. That means that if they can't read your handwriting and don't have your phone number, your ABR might not be valid! Thanks, Republicans!